Attractive Forearm Tattoo Designs For Boys And Girls

Tattoos say a lot about a person’s personality. One can depict the traits, likes and dislikes through the tattoo design they have. For some, it is just a fashion statement but for some, it is a way of telling their personal story.

You can have tattoos anywhere but forearm tattoos look more attractive and are presentable. They can be spotted easily and if you are getting it done, then why not flaunt it.

Here are some cool and trendy tattoo designs which can suit both, boys and girls.

1. For Wanderlusts

tattoo designs
Via: Fashionizm

People who travel can have this tatoo that will tell a lot about their passion to explore new places. Getting this tattoo done on your forearm will remind you about your love and passion whenever you feel low.

2. Bow And Arrow

tattoo designs
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This cute design of a bow and arrow made from flowers is a feminine tattoo design which girls can get done on their arms. This tattoo design looks delicate and classy.

3. A Colorful Fox

tattoo designs
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This colourful foc tattoo design is a fierce and bold tattoo. This design is both for girls and boys. It looks attractive and different from regular tattoos.

4. The Compass Design

Tattoo Designs
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This tattoo will give a vintage touch to your personality. The age-old compass design carved neatly on your forearm with roman numerals will make the tattoo look classy.

5. Love Hate Tattoo

Tattoo Designs
Via: Pinterest

This shared tattoo showing opposite emotion in a single one is definitely a must-have. It will look very cool on your arm depicting the two very natural emotions.

6. Eagle On A Feather

Tattoo Designs
Via: Fashionizm

As we all know that eagles have very sharp eyes. This tatoo of a feather with eagle eyes on it will teach how to remain focused on your goal just as an eagle is or it’s prey.

7. Self Love

Tattoo Designs
Glamour UK

This self-love tatoo design will constantly remind ]d you that you are special and you deserve love. The self-love is the most important love and you should love and appreciate yourself no matter what.

8. Beach Tattoo

Tattoo Designs
Via: Top Best Life

If you are a beach person and love the beach vibes, then you can go for this tattoo. Tattoos are much about your personality than a fashion. They reflect the person you are. This short and simple tattoo will add charm to your personality.



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