Asaram has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of rape of a minor by the court today. The other two convicts have been sentenced to 20-20 years. Asaram’s cry was heard in the judgment of the judge. Special Judge of Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribes court Madhusudan Sharma has pronounced this verdict in Jodhpur Central Jail campus. Judge Madhusudan did not do lunch before today’s verdict and ended the entire action of the case. However, the lunch time of the court happens at 1-30 pm, but in the case of Asaram, the court did not take a break. The victim had accused Asaram of raping her on the night of 15 August 2013. The final hearing in the Asaram case was completed on April 7 in the Special Court of SC / ST cases and the verdict was reserved till April 25.

Asaram after being heard by the judgment


Asaram’s verdict was pronounced, Asaram started crying in the court premises and was defeated. At the same time, his health also worsened. After which the ambulance was called in jail. According to media reports, Asaram has received headache and mitali complaint. On the other hand, holding a hand on the shoulders of the lawyer on the guilty, Asaram said that you guys say something. There were 14 lawyers standing in Asaram’s favor but two public prosecutors of the victim’s side got heavier on them. Asaram’s lawyers also appealed to the judge to sentence him for age. At the same time, after being convicted, Asaram, in the case of Sahara, who was left in this case, stood in the courtroom for nearly one and a half hours. During this, there are some talks with Asaram Shiva.

What is the Charge?

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Asaram has been accused of raping a teenager in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, who was studying in his ashram in Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, while Asaram has denied rape allegations. The victim had accused Asaram of calling her in an ashram near the Jodhpur area near Jodhpur and raping her on the night of 15 August 2013.

A large number of supporters have

been tightened around Jamwada Jodhpur jail where prohibition has already been imposed. In view of maintaining law and order, the Center had asked the Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana governments to tighten security and deploy additional forces. 77-year-old Asaram has a large number of supporters in all three states.


A case of rape is going on in Asaram’s Gujarat in Surat, which has been dismissed 12 times, has been done , in which the Supreme Court had directed the prosecution to complete the hearing within five weeks. Asaram filed a bail plea 12 times, which was rejected six times by the lower court, three times in the Rajasthan High Court and three times by the Supreme Court.