Arshi Khan Bigg Boss sex controversies with Shahid Afridi, truth behind

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Arshi Khan, the queen of controversies and also self-confessed seduction queen is a firecracker of Bigg Boss season 11. She is the toughest competitor when it comes to fight. It is hard to win from Arshi. She is not only creating a buzz in Bigg boss house but also in the outside world too.

She knows how to be a part of headlines and controversies. From her lustful manner flirt with co-stars or her infamous stint with Shahid Afridi now everyone knows her.

The latest buzz regarding arshi is everything what she said about herself in the house of Bigg boss from her age, relationship to qualification but “false”


Gehana vasisth an aactress-modelhas told in a publication that Arashi is faking everything.

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“Since I am also from Bhopal, from where Arshi Khan comes from, I can tell you that Arshi Khan is over 32 years old, but she has claimed to be only 27 years of age. She has reduced her age by over 5 years, because I happen to know her from her schooldays. She has also faked her educational qualifications while applying for Bigg Boss 11 and I have proof of the same. I wonder how the channel and the makers of Bigg Boss have selected such a contestant who has been faking all her life,” Said gehana.

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Forget about having sex with Afridi, Arshi Khan has never met him face to face or even spoken to him on the phone even once in her lifetime,” she added.


Gehana also revealed that Arshi has more than 10 criminal cases pending against her. Out of four are for allegedly insulting Pakistan and Indian flags by painting those on her undressed body.

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