Hook-ups and break-ups are very common these days and these celebrities switch their partners like they are clothes. We are talking about Rihanna and drake as the ex-couple Who used to date each other however they split long ago and now Rihanna is with Hassan.

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But  it doesn’t seems like that as recently Rihanna spotted with Drake in London and it looks like they are hooking up together. Few days before, Drake revealed that he misses Riri  but she is not his life anymore. He also added that she is happy for her that He has a new bae and wishes good luck to both of them.

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The new pictures from London is showing some different story as something is cooking between the two singers. According to some reports, Riri was in London because she had some unfinished business with her ex but what is it?

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Riri is in relationship with Hassan but still she is having feelings for her ex otherwise she Would have naver gone to london without him. According to some reports,  she is not over drake yet and missing the chemistry they had in past. Some special memories are bothering her and that’s why she can’t refuse to meet her ex.

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Along with this, it is not the first time when such rumours have arose as there are many past events that indicates both the singers are not over each other. Drake is being rumored of dating Demi Rose however this news comes side by side.

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It seems to be an old problem for Rihanna as it took years to get over Chris brown. Rihanna was in depression when she broke up with chris and now it is happening all over again. At the VMAs, Drake openly expressed her love for Rihanna and which couldn’t be resist by Riri.

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According to some reports, Drake has been texting Rihanna all the time after which the couple was seen together drinking a coffee. It is true that their relationship was a disappointment but whatever they had was real for both of them.

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Previously we were thinking that Rihanna was moved but now things getting clear for both of them. With Hassna, nothing seems well in between Rihanna and hassan after all this and we just hope that their relationship will last long.

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It is very hard for celebrities to avoid their exes as they confront each other everywhere. On the other hand, it is a good news for Drake and Rihanna fans but not good for Hassan. So, guys what do you think what is going to happen in this relationship?