7+ Hilarious Pranks Ideas For April Fools’ Day

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    7+ Hilarious Pranks Ideas For April Fools’ Day. It is very interesting to have fun with friends on April Fools. Some people start preparing for it several days before. Someone gifts you funny things and laugh to make you laugh. We expect that you too must have prepared some prank for your friends, if not, then we are giving you some ideas which will be done on this April fool day, And i am sure all these pranks will work.


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    Tell your friend that Google has brought such a technology you can smell the thing that you type. Just type in Google search, the smell will come to you from your computer screen. Now, look at this joke as a reality, your friend must sniff the computer screen.


    Take five to six friends and eat ice cream. Send someone to take ice cream and disappear with the rest of your friends. Your friend will come back with  ice cream and he/she will not find anyone. All the ice cream will melt in his/her hand. But see if you see your friend is getting worried come back to him/her immediately.


    credit:Reader’s Digest

    To have fun with your friend you can use i surprise application, it will be great for you. Down this application, this app works in  a way that it makes you feel like your phone screen is getting worse, this must worry your friend. You can download this app from itunes.


    Stick thin transparent tape on the sensor portion of your TV remote in the house. Paste the tape in such a way that it may not be visible Just after that anyone will turn on TV, your fun time will start. Unless they get  disturbed, do not tell what the matter is.



    It is definitely a children’s trick, but it is enough to do little fun. Color the bath soap. Use water colors to color it. As soon as a member of your family will first try this soap, they will get a glimpse of holi.


    Take your friend’s mobile with any excuse and secretly change the service number in your name. Keep the new name in the name of any company and after some time send  attractive offers from your mobile number. If your friend does not remember your number then this trick will be a lot of fun.


    stick the 10 rupees coin from the feviquick on the road. Stand up and stand a little closer and see the scene. People will try to pick the note. That view will become visible worth to watch. This can be done with tricky notes. But the note must be tied to the thread. As soon as someone picked it up, just pull it lightly.


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    Put a piece of cotton or a piece of paper secretly in your friend’s shoes. After this, when your friend worn these shoes, the shoes will not be able to fit properly this will make you laugh.


    Take your friend’s mobile and quietly change the time in it. Now start confusing your friend reading time, to make this more interesting you can take help of other friends too.