Professor finds forgotten Apple IIe in parents’ attic, takes Twitterati down the memory lane


Attics are amazing places, they capture a number of other long-forgotten memories and things like Apple IIe. When Professor John Pfaff discovered when he combed through the attic of his parents.

What happened after this was like nostalgia and there was a series of tweets revealing the 10-year-old child in Pfaff because now Vintage Apple IIe was not only undamaged but was in a working condition too.

The 30-year-old Apple computer was completely functional and when Pfaff inserted an old game disk, the memory hit back when it asked if he wanted to restore the previously saved game. Damn strange!

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The time went by might have made Pfaff’s memory dull but didn’t stop him from playing Adventureland.

Adventureland was just the beginning when it came to searching the vintage computer. Pfaff experimented on other games, including Olympic Decathlon and Millionaire. He also found a letter written by his father who wrote for him on the computer.

In 1983, Apple IIe was first released and this accidental finding by Pfaff was enough to activate the past memories in other Twitter users who shared their experiences with professors about their own Apple computer memories.

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