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Read Why Apple blocked updates to email apps with ChatGPT tech.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple Inc. has delayed the approval of an update to the email app that makes use of AI-powered features because of worries about potentially offensive content for youngsters.

The software BlueMail uses a customized GPT-3 language model from OpenAI. Ben Volach, a co-founder of Blix Inc, has told the Journal that the upgrade had been delayed last week.

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Blix and Apple did not respond immediately when Reuters asked them for clarification.

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Why Apple has restricted the update to the email app

According to the reports, Due to worries that the app can produce offensive information for youngsters, Apple has delayed the approval of an update for BlueMail in its App Store. BlueMail cannot be used by youngsters since it lacks content screening functionality.

Apple has determined that the app must apply a 17+ age restriction as a precaution as it may produce adult content.

In order to obtain Apple’s approval, BlueMail might need to change its minimum age requirement to 17 or implement content filtering that complies with Apple’s requirements.

Apple delayed approval emsil ChatGPT
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The age limit on the programme currently permits users as young as four to use it. An Apple representative said that Blix Inc.’s complaint is currently being looked into and that app developers can appeal rejection by using the App Review Board procedure.

The IT sector has been mesmerized by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a language model that can produce content in response to human prompts.

Microsoft and Google also launched their own AI chatbots in February.

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