Presently, there are more than 12,500 known species of ants in the world. Some ants are calm; some are so brutal that their stings can even kill you.

Here are some of the World’s most dangerous ants that you should know

Bulldog Ant

The world’s most dangerous ant in the world is The Bulldog Ant. These ants were once widespread across the world, but today they are found only in Australia. These ants attack bees and regional ant colonies. Carpenter ants are among their favorite food source. As we know that ants are very friendly among themselves but the Bulldog ants are not at all co-operative among them. For larvae only they work in a group. They have a very sharp vision and are very well known for their aggressive nature towards the interrupter, including humans also. With their venomous bite and sting so destructively, that they killed the adults within 15 minutes only.

Bullet Ant

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The stings of these ants are the deadliest and one of the most painful stings in the world. They are very large in size, an inch long. The pain from their bite lasts for about 24 hours. The pain we have after being shot from a gun is same being bitten by them, therefore acquired this name-bullet ant.

Fire Ant


One of the most aggressive types of ant is the Fire ant. If you make any hindrance in their path, they will crowd. And they will leave an essence that makes more ants to attack. The sting of their gives a painful and unfortunate feel, if you stung by them then your skin will become red, swollen, and you may even go through a lot of pusses.

Pony Ant


Pont ant is another ant with a painful sting. They are also called as Ponerinae- a small sometimes colorful ant.

Although they are not as aggressive as the Bulldog ants and also won’t attack you of no reason, if you disturb them, you may just realize that how painful their stings are. They live on the grounds and make their nests where they are bound to be stood on.

Siafu Ant

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Siafu ants are also known as the Army ants. They are found in Eastern and Central Africa and crowd their carnivores. Anything in between their path, they will eat and destroy them. They do not have nests, but they sting and bite the animals by making a crowd. Instead, their sting is not painful as their bite is.

Argentine Ant


Argentine ants are found in Argentina North and Southern Brazil. But also found in the temperate areas of my countries across the world. These ants are the most interfering type of ants and they divide themselves into multiples as that is good at erasing out the opposing ant’s colonies in their location. They also like to be in the place where they found both food and water.

If you get bitten by them, they don’t have a sting, but their projections will give you a sharp bite. They are capable of carrying the pathogens (germs or bacteria) into the hospital- believed to be of great importance in the medical world.

Green tree Ant


Green tree ants are mainly found in the tropical regions of Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Also known as the Weaver ants as they are unique in the ant world by forming nests in trees by covering silk around the large leaves and roll them together into hollow balls. They are very curious ants that will constantly scrub the ground around their nest hunting for small insects for food. They are large in size and easy to see and will generally be alone. They avoid attacking in a crowd unless they are disturbed.


Although they don’t have a sting, still they give a very painful bite with their long and sharp nozzle.

They are also considered as enjoyable food by some people, High in protein with a slight lemon taste.

Bullhorn Acacia Ant

credit: CNN

Bullhorn ants are tropical forests.  The name Bullhorn Acacia is given because they live in Acacia trees. A rare example of an ant that completely relies on a plant and vice-versa. If you disturb them. They will attack you in great numbers and also jump onto you out of the tree.