Have an antivirus app on your Android phone? It might be a sham

antivirus app

As per the latest study published, about two-thirds of antivirus apps on Android are nothing but fake and a sham. About 250 Android antivirus apps were examined by an Austrian Antivirus Testing Company AV-Comparatives on the official Google Play Store and found that only 80 apps passed a basic detection test in which they were able to detect more than 30 percent of malware.

Security researchers used 2,000 most common 2018 Android malware threats for the comprehensive study. It was observed that only 23 apps detected 100 percent of the malware samples.

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Some applications were also unable to detect malware that was from the previous year, and it is also expected them to have threats already arranged. 55% of tested apps provide insufficient protection.

Researchers advised users not to fall for user ratings because most users may not be aware of the effectiveness of the antivirus app installed on their device and can give it a higher rating.

Similarly, no one should trust the reviews either as some developers can even duplicate them.

To determine the authenticity of the app, the number of downloads can also be a difficult parameter. A successful scam app can be downloaded multiple times before a scam is found.

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How can one identify a good and effective antivirus app from the fraud ones? Researchers only recommend using famous, verified, and reputed vendors’ apps.