Amidst Internet Shutdowns, An Offline Messaging App Gains Popularity!

In view of the nationwide violent fiascos regarding CAA 2019, the government is putting its foot down taking strong actions.

Be it imposing Section 144 (and even curfew) at some places or shutting down the internet at others.
But it seems that the protestors are not yet ready to succumb as they have found a new method to communicate during internet shutdowns!

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An offline messaging app Bridgefy gained huge popularity during the brief internet shutdown in Delhi. The speciality of the app is, it doesn’t require the internet for communication.

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How Do Bridgefy Works?

Bridgefy uses a mesh system to communicate with people close in range to you. It uses Bluetooth to create a network so that you can connect to people nearby even when there is no internet.

The protestors out there have been advocating the use of the same since internet shutdowns.
And not only for protestors, even if you’re not a part of that but are affected by the shutdown, Bridgefy seems to be a credible option to stay in touch with your close ones.

Bridgefy is available for Andriod and IOS both. Once downloaded, it requires an internet connection to sync the contacts. It lets you chat with people within the 330 feet range, and not only individually, but also lets you join the broadcast group. You can chat with a group of people simultaneously within the range.

The mechanism behind Bridgefy is, once you sen the message, it jumps from one phone to other until reaches the recipient.

You have to add a username and switch on the Bluetooth for it to work. You can even share your location via the app if you’re stuck at someplace.

Yeah, Technology bi*ch!

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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