Nowadays, you’d think almost everything has been manufactured by machinery. Especially when it comes to modes of transportation, electronics, and huge artistic marvels, it’s difficult to imagine that stuff made from scratch, much less human hands alone assembling it together.

Digital Cameras

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While most digital cameras are assembled through automated production, there may still be cameras out there that have been hand assembled, including popular brands such as Canon digital cameras. However, unlike Canon who have strived for autonomous camera manufacturing, camera brand Leica continues to boast their handmade products.

As to why the French brand insist on staying with their handmade methods, it seems pricing may be a big reason. Their high-quality lenses can reach a cost of at least 5 figures with their hand-crafted products produced in Germany. Highly-trained technicians craft Leica lenses with incredible precision.

A Handmade Heart

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Organ transplant lists reach the thousands when it comes to patients waiting for an organ replacement. A way to lessen that wait time and ensure patients get what they need would be to provide artificially made organs, such as even artificial hearts.

Other artificial organs have been made from 3D printers however, those made at SynCardia System were handcrafted and made of polyurethane known as the CardioWest Total Artificial Heart, pictured here. According to SynCardia, these products only take 10 days to assemble with the company make up to 18 per month at their Arizona facility. These products have been one of the only approved artificial hearts in the world.

The Best Beer In The World

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Alcoholic beverages brewed by Trappist Westvleteren have been considered the best in the world, and it may have something to do with how they still hand-brew their products. This brewery is run by Trappist monks from The Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren, Belgium and only make enough beer to support themselves and their establishment.

Yet their beer has been considered some of the best in the world and since they’re not all about increased production, they can take their time in perfecting their alcohol, only producing 60,000 cases every year. The monastery have been brewing beer without any automated devices since the late 1980s. In 2002, they were considered the best brewers in the world.

The Bigfoot Submarines

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Also known as drug submarines or narco submarines, this submersible and another one were found in Ecuador both containing 14 tons of cocaine with a street value of over a quarter of a million dollars. These drug smuggling submarines were seized in 2008 by the US Coast guard, measuring at about 59 feet or 18 meters long and can be immersed to up to 20 meters deep.

To make these, they have to be made mostly through sheer man power, with designs over the years improving to construct more reliable, sturdy submarines that need to be as undetectable as possible. These submarines feature a pretty long durability and can be used many times before they need to build new ones.

The Most Luxurious, Expensive Cars

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You would think that companies want something as efficient as a piece of machinery to make another piece of machinery. However, when it comes to the most luxurious cars, a lot of them may be handmade. Companies such as Bugatti, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini have all produced cars manufactured by hand, with many of the prices starting at $1 million and over.

One of the most well-known and expensive handmade cars has to be the Lamborghini Reventon, which goes for a price of $1.6 million. This car cano only fit two people and has a six-speed manual transmission.

Portable Tesla Coil Gun

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Apparently, you can make your own portable Tesla Coil Gun should you want to. It’s a strange product to want to own, but people have proved you can construct one yourself, with these things able to shoot 20,000 volts of lightning.Of course, it isn’t as easy as heading down to the local arts and crafts store, but it has been shown you can do this at home.

This device has a built in display and control panel that can determine the how much electricity it can emit and the range it can reach. It’s less like lightning in a bottle and more like lighting on command from your fingertips.