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Almonds May Not Be Good To Your Health; Know Why

Almond is one of the most widely consumed tree nuts all over the world. It is loaded with plenty of nutrients, including phosphorus, fiber, magnesium, protein, and Vitamins. Also, almonds are good for health and offer numerous health benefits. They lower the risks of heart disease, keep your skin healthy, reduce blood pressure levels, and reduce the risk of cancer, and so on.

However, just like other superfoods, eating almonds in excess is not good for health as it can cause stomach problems. But there are people who should stay away from almonds? Yes, according to experts, there are some of the people should temporarily avoid consuming almonds.

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People Who Are Taking Special Medication:

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The expert said that people taking blood pressure, antibiotics and laxatives medications should also consult with their dieticians before adding almonds in their diet. Almonds are full-chocked with manganese. So eating almonds in excess may trigger during interactions.

People With Nut Allergy:

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You should also avoid almonds if you have any kind of nuts allergy and get swelling, rashes, hives, and difficulty breathing after consuming nuts. Eating almonds may cause anaphylaxis, which is harmful to your health. Consult your doctor immediately.

People Who Face Difficulty In Swallowing:

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People who have difficulty swallowing should also stay away from almonds as it could increase the chances of choking. Moreover, people struggling with Parkinson’s disease, low mobility, and dementia may have a higher risk of aspiration.

Those Who Are Taking Vitamin E Supplement:

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Almonds are packed with Vitamin E. So, consuming almonds with vitamin E supplements can cause Vitamin E. This can lead to blurred vision, lethargy, headaches, flatulence, and diarrhea.

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So, when you eat almonds next time, think about it!

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