Girl’s head nearly ‘doubles in size’ after allergic reaction to this hair dye

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What people do not do to look beautiful Without any investigation, only the advertisements are used by various types of beauty products. Many times, these beauty products also have side effects. Something similar happened to a French girl.

The 19-year-old Parisian woman had painted his hair. This hair dye has such a side effect that the head of the aster’s head was normal from the double-size and it started looking ugly.


She claims that she had a negative reaction to a  hair dye kit which consisted of a chemical called paraphenylenediamine aka as PPD. This chemical is found in a huge number of hair dyes.

But, she does accept that in place of carrying out the hair dye patch test for 48-hours, she waited just half an hour before setting the dye all over her head.


She also told the news outlet that ‘almost instantly’ she realized something was wrong as her scalp started to tingle and feel vexed.

Things speedily got worse for Estelle when her scalp started to swell, however after taking medical advice from a pharmacologist, she took some antihistamines and spread a cream on the head before going to bed.

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However, the subsequent morning she woke up poorer than ever and got sight of her risen head, that finished up measuring an eye-watering 63cm.

She says she had already experienced a ‘moderate reaction’ to a distant hair dye, which is why she hauled out a patch test.

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Estelle is also wishing that individuals will listen to her warning, adding: “I almost died, I don’t want something similar to happen to other people.”

Thankfully, Estelle has been left with no permanent damage, however, it’s unlikely she’ll risk dying her own hair ever again.

Her mum told the newspaper: “It’s true that she didn’t follow the instructions word for word, but the warning has to be clearer.”

Despite not observing the directions to use, her mother is now wishing that Estelle’s case will heighten awareness regarding the threats of hair dye.