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All You Need To Know About The Conclusion Of ‘Chandrayaan 2 Mission’


India had all hopes with the Chandrayaan 2 Mission, and 7th September was the day when the hard work and dedication of 1600 ISRO scientists was to be paid off.

Why Was The Lander Named Vikram?

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The lander Vikram was supposed to come out of the Pragyaan Rover and capture the images from the moon’s surface.

Chandrayaan 2
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But unfortunately, ISRO lost contact with the spacecraft lander Vikram who was 2.1 km away from the lunar surface. The contact got lost 17 minutes after the final descent towards the moon’s surface. This information was given by ISRO after analyzing the data.

However, PM Modi was present at the ISRO centre consoled everyone and told not to lose hope. India has not lost the dream. This is still an achievement for India and we are all proud of the ISRO team.

The Chairperson of ISRO K Sivan couldn’t control his emotions while PM Modi tried to console him after the contact got lost with lander Vikram.

K. Sivan
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All the ambitious faces turned sad. We could clearly see the disappointment and sadness on their faces. The ISRO scientists worked dedicatedly sacrificing sleep, comfort and families to make Chandrayaan 2 mission successful.

Watch the video to see what happened at ISRO after the sad news was revealed.

Today at 8 AM, Narendra Modi decided to address the gathering of the scientists at Bengaluru.

The planned Press Conference at ISRO was cancelled as of now. The officials reported to the media gathered saying-

“[The] Vikram lander descent was as planned and normal performance was observed till 2.1 km altitude [above Moon’s surface]. Subsequently, communication was lost. Data is being analysed. The planned press conference is called off,” the official told reporters gathered at the Isro centre in Bengaluru.

What Is ISRO’S Next Step Now:

Indian Spaceand Research Organisation has got through many obstacles and the journey till here wasn’t easy. ISRO is examining the signals and trajectories sent by Lander Vikram to trace it’s the path.

Simultaneously, Isro is also making continuous efforts to get in touch with the Vikram lander and is also considering tapping into the global deep space network (a collection of radars and communication devices located around the world and used to maintain contact with spacecraft in space) to get more data.

ISRO has not lost hope and is still trying to use Chandrayaan 2 orbiter which continues to be in the moon’s orbit to track Vikram’s landing site. ISRO is trying hard to hunt for clues through the radars and sensor data received.

Twitter also showed love and support to ISRO:

We are all proud of the ISRO team. Our support and gratitude is always with them. We hope to get some update on Vikram lander.

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