All About Jeff Bezos’s 11-Minutes Dream Space Adventure

Another Billionaire is going to space soon after the space trip of Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson. Jeff Bezos’s space trip in New Shepard has also got green signals from the federal aviation administration of the US.

blue origin

Now former CEO of Amazon is only a few days away to fulfill his childhood dream of traveling to space. Who are the lucky ones to go on the dream space mission of Jeff? How Blue Origin’s space rocket is different from Virgin’s spaceship?

Learn everything here.

Why 20th July Is Perfect Day For Jeff Bezos Space Mission?

jeff bezos space trip

What’s on the date? The world’s richest person could go earlier than Richard Branson but he picked 20th July for the mission. It’s the same date when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in the year 1969 in Apollo spacecraft.

Jeff wants his space trip to be marked in history thus he picked the 52nd anniversary as a perfect day.

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About Blue Origin’s Space Craft- New Shephard

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The company has been trying and testing the New Shepard for 6 years. The six-seater capsule is similar to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The rocket is fully reusable, designed to land vertically, and has a more modest design.

New Shepard is different from than Space Ship of Virgin Galactic in several ways.

  1. Landing mode– the plan lands vertically whereas the VSS unity spaceplane lands similar to an airplane.
  2. Altitude- The two also have a difference in height up to they can reach. New Shephard can go up to 327,360 feet above the ground whereas the top altitude of VSS Unity is 293,000 feet.
  3. Capacity- Blue Origin’s spacecraft is a 6 passenger craft with no crew space. On the other hand, VSS unity has 2 crew and 4 passenger spaces.

Learn more about the two spacecraft in this infographic shared by the company.

Crew Members of Jeff Bezos Space Trip

The world’s richest person has decided to make other’s dream to space comes true. Here is who all will be joining him?

Mark Bezos

jeff bezos brother

One of those people is his younger brother Mark Bezos who has been Jeff’s back since day 1 of Amazon. He works at a private equity firm High Post Capital in NYC. Mark has also worked as a firefighter in Westchester County in the past and also tried his hands in advertising and marketing.

Jeff had shared his excitement to go on a space mission with his brother on Instagram.


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Wally Funk

The first female FAA from America, Wally Funk will be the oldest crew member on the New Shepard mission. She is 82 and has trained around 3000 people in her career. Wally is also the first woman safety investigator in FAA.


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How Long Will Be Jeff’s Space Trip?

The suborbital New Shepard rocket will take passengers on the journey from the West Texas desert. The countdown will begin at 9 am ET depending upon the conditions of weather. Crew members will be in space for 11 minutes.

jeff bezos

All eyes are on Jeff Bezos’s space trip that will begin on 20th July 2021.

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