See With Whom Alia Bhatt Is Celebrating Her 25th Birthday?


See With Whom Alia Bhatt Is Celebrating Her 25th Birthday. Bollywood talented actress Alia Bhatt is celebrating her 25th birthday today. It is very difficult to attain such a success at a young age, but Alia has got everything from her hard work. Today, on the special occasion of his birthday, She talks about some interesting things related to them.


In childhood, Alia Bhatt was called by the nick name of ‘Aaalu’ because she was very big and swollen. Although Alia Bhatt has changed herself in such a way that no one will think 10 times before calling her Aaluu. Alia Bhatt vowed to not let her child be cut for the role of a movie.

Despite losing 16 kg weight in the student of the year, Alia Bhatt has expressed the point of not cutting her hair. Like Bal Alia Bhatt, keeping this thing in mind, we also agree with Alia.


Alia Bhatt has got awards in addition to his acting besides his attractiveness. In 2012, Alia Bhatt received the Most Desirable Woman and Hot-List Most Promising Female Newcomer Award. To See Alia Bhatt hot pics click here.

Alia Bhatt’s mother (Sony Rajdan) is half Kashmiri and German and her father (Mahesh Bhatt) is a Gujarati.


Alia that she is very fond of eating. Aliya worked as a child artist in 1999 film ‘Sangharsh’. In it, she had played the childhood role of Preity Zinta.

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Alia’s debut film as Lead Actress was Student of the Year. Alia had lost a lot of weight for this film. Alia has earned her more than her films. Currently Ali is busy shooting for Gully Boy. Ranveer Singh is in the lead role with him in this film.

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