Attention Please! Spice Up Your Sexual Performance In Just 3 minutes 

Before you talk about your sexual performance, without making any waves in mind, you must accept them first.

This is not some fresh addition in your knowledge list, but surely something that is known to both the world of men and women who finish up on sexual issues. The reasons can be countless or may have no end, starting from an emotional disconnect to medical problems. 

When You Sow the Seeds Of Dissatisfaction!

boost sex drive

As per our grasp, sexual activity is one of the most important activities in everyone’s life. The root of ending many relationships these days is due to dissatisfaction caused by poor sexual performance. 


In fact, sexual dissatisfaction is simply a making or breaking point in a relationship. But, the real picture lies behind the bars as you cannot make it better or come back with the best stamina.

A Big No! Avoid Taking Sex Booster Pills

sex booster pills

There are tons of pills available in the market claiming to boost sexual performance and increase the size of your libido, however it’s no doubt that they can give you some serious side effects that may make you never have a bedtime with your partner. So, when you have some as simple as ABC ways to last longer in bed naturally, then why would someone should stick on consuming such pills?

Role of Shy Ingredient

doctor consultation

When male experience such issues, they hesitate to contact doctors. It is no bad in getting touch with such doctors and discussing your sexual problems. A doctor can lead you in the right direction without embarrassing you. 

Do not feel shy in talking about men’s problems. As you read it in the very first line, before you talk about your sexual performance, you must accept them first. Accept it as it will not at all question your masculinity, it’s a common issue and the best part is that you can make it better.

Boost Bedroom Performance With These Tips


It’s not always important to take steroids for boosting your stamina in bed, you can without any hassle deal with such issues through herbal medications, exercises and foremost changes in diets.

So now turn your head towards the 10 most influential ways to boost your performance in bed and make your lady love happy.

Don’t Just Wait For the Magic To Happen! Do “Sexercise!”

The simplest way to enhance your overall health is performing cardiovascular exercise. When you perform sex, it get your heart rate high, nonetheless, if you regularly perform exercises it can credit your sex performance by maintaining your heart rate in shape.

30 Minutes Is What You Need!

Just gift yourself 30 minutes and perform exercises like swimming and running. It wouldn’t be surprising as it can do wonders for your libido.

Stress Ko Kehdo Bye-Bye!


Your physical in addition to your mental health, both depend on your stress. The sheer truth is, stress is good for nothing. It can affect all sides of your health, most importantly your libido. 

Stress boosts your blood pressure and heart rate in a bad and an unacceptable way. And it de-escalates or slows down your sexual performance and desire. It is obvious if your sexual desire drop-off, what you gonna do then? Well, the end result will be dissatisfaction.


One of the best ways to say goodbye to stress is Stop Overthinking. Overthinking has nothing to do with your joyous life other than it leads to stress and affects your Sexual performance in a negative way and will give your life a colorless twist!

What’s On Your Mind To Stay Stress-Free?

share stress

The quick fix is Exercise! It heals almost everything. Next, you can talk to your girl about the problems and stress you’re having. This will calm you down as soon as you share it with your special one. Also, it will strengthen your relationship with your partner.  So, add the fuel of exercise and see the fire!

Remember stress can lead to bad habits, like consumption of liquor, smoking, which also impacts your sexual performance.

Nod Your Head To Healthy Masturbation!


I bet after reading this point you may doubt our list of ‘ways to boost sexual performance in men’ however when you complete reading this, you will give a green light to US! 

If your partner complains about no long lasting in bed, then you should start practicing about it. Don’t get it? While performing sex, the best way is to practice it. Nothing can be the best way to practice it “(Practice Makes A Man Perfect; Haha)” than doing masturbation. It assists you increase your longevity in bed.

Eat These Foods To Spice Up Sex!

fruits to boost sex drive

Sex and food – The fusion of these two things keeps you most happy in the world. And if you know by mixing these two things together, you can make your paradise here. Yes, the best place to eat food is to eat on a Dining table not bed, however sometimes some food items can intensify your sexual performance. 

So flip through at our hands tips on the right foods that could add some spicy flavors to your sex life. 

Warning: Don’t try all the items at once!


Getting a vine along with the grapes and feeding your partner one by one can make them feel horny.  You can just hold the grape on your teeth and tell your partner to get it with his/her tongue. This will make your performance more exciting. 


Ahaaa! hot chocolates, erotic mood and a beloved partner, really jazz up your night. Try some hot/chili chocolate to make your love-making session a little more intense. You can use hot chocolate to make your partner turned on, drip it over your girl’s body.  It will definitely add sensory mood to your bedroom!

Tip: Even an Ice-Cream Will Juice Up Things!

If you fuel up with the right foods, you just might have hotter sex.

Jumping straight into making out will not only hurt your partner but can also lead to poor sexual stamina. Thus, it is always recommended to begin with foreplay, hold the hand of your partner and add kiss on it, then move on to biting lips and passionate kissing,  then wrap up in oral sex. In this way, you will close out in lasting longer and will satisfy you and your partner.

Herbal Help!


People who pick up the option of medication help should opt for natural herbs and supplements. Below mentioned herbs can asset kick start your sex drive.

Fenugreek Increase testosterone  Men Seeds, powder and Capsules
Saffron Increase Libido Women Powder and Pills
Ashwagandha Improves Libido Men Powder
Shilajit Long Lasting Sex Men Powder and Pills


As we call it a day, if you already have strong stamina to satisfy your partner, then that’s really good. However, if you want to amplify it, why not give it a try? And any of the above mentioned ways to boost sexual performance in men does not possess any side effects.

So, don’t be under the shackles of stress, and give it your best shot by trying out these simple ways and make your sex fun, pleasurable, enjoyable, and the cherry on top, satisfying.

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