AirAsia India’s Safety Norms Questioned By Pilot Gaurav Taneja, Notice Issued

The troubles for AirAsia India might increase after its Captain Gaurav Taneja raised questions over the safety issues. Gaurav Taneja is also a YouTuber, founder of Flying Beast (Vlog Channel) and FitMuscle TV (Fitness Channel).

 On June 14 Gaurav Taneja on his YouTube channel revealed that he has been suspended from his job as a captain in AirAsia A320. Gaurav on his YouTube channel Flying Beast and twitter.

 He shared the information and the reason behind was “for standing up for safe operations of an aircraft and its passengers”.

Here is the video:

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has also issued a notice against AirAsia two weeks after the captain raised questions on passenger’s safety.

A DGCA official said:

“A show cause notice has been issued to Manish Uppal, Head of Operations, AirAsia India after the pilot’s allegations,”

AirAsia India spokesperson said:

“AirAsia India confirms receipt of the notice and we are assisting the regulator in its fact-finding process. We will fully cooperate with the regulator.”

Gaurav Taneja in the video explained how the AirAsia airlines wanted the Flap 3 landing to be 98% and if not done so it will be considered as a violation of its standard operating procedure or SOP.

Mr Taneja explained the landing with the help of an example. At Imphal airport the aircraft descends more steeply when compared to other airports and it needs a good drag i.e “Flap Full” landing to lower the speed of the aircraft. Therefore Flap 3 landing is not possible in this type of landing. But considering the norms set by AirAsia, the pilot has to do it compromising the passenger and aircraft’s safety. And if any mishap occurs the pilot/ caption is to be blamed and questioned for any casualties.

Gaurav in his YT video said:

“In order to achieve targets, what would people do? They will do Flap 3 landings without giving consideration whether it is safe or unsafe. This directly impacts the passenger safety,”

DGCA has already started the investigation on the issues raised

“DGCA has already started an investigation into the issues flagged and shall take appropriate action based on the outcome of the said investigation,”

Let’s hope that the justice prevails!

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