After Zumba These Dance Styles Help In Weight Loss

Love dancing? Then you will love it even more after knowing that your dance style can help you burn more calories than the workout. Sweating in gym lifting pounds of weight doesn’t seem fun and exciting.

Moreover, when you are locked up in your home, gyms and workouts are even more boring. So, a fun way to lose some pounds of weight is dancing.

There are many different dance styles that you can learn online during a lockdown. But which one to choose, that’s a question. Most people know only about Zumba for weight loss. 

Well, there are more dancing styles besides Zumba. Here is the list of all dancing styles that helps you lose calories.

Dancing Styles To Lose Calories


dance styles

Salsa is a fast dance form that involves lots of quick movement, The high-intensity movements increase your heartbeat. While grooving on salsa music, you can burn approx 200 calories.

Surprisingly, you can do it in just half an hour. It is a good form of workout for your lower body parts. However, the arm movements are less in salsa.

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Cha-Cha-Cha is an ideal body workout. If you think that it involves only tap movement then you are wrong. It also involves legs, arms, and hips movement. While doing the cha-cha-cha for 30 minutes, you burn nearly 200 calories the same as salsa.


dance styles

This lively dance style works perfectly for weight loss. It involves waist, hips, and knees movement to tone your midsection. Besides this, there are other strenuous movements in the samba.

So, if you love samba then you can lose 250 calories within 30 minutes.

Belly Dance

dance styles

It is undoubtedly a fun workout that helps you tone tummy muscles. Moreover, it boosts the bone density as you don’t move much and stand on feet. Only the upper body part moves much.

Moreover, it is assumed that belly dance prevents osteoporosis as it boosts the body density and tones muscles.

Street Dance

dance styles

A very energetic dance style, street dance is all about coordination, speed, strength, and balance. Street dance has no rules and that’s the best part. You can move the way you want on your favourite song and burn 600 calories.

It is because most muscles of your body are involved in it. Moreover, it has many dancing techniques as well. So, don’t just pick a song and let’s groove freely.

So, these were the top five dancing styles that are not only fun but effective on weight loss. Why wait for lockdown and gyms to open to resuming your weight loss workout? Simply turn on the music, and dance like nobody is watching.

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