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After She Addressed Godse As A Patriot, BJP Removes Pragya Thakur From Defence Panel!

Well, we have to agree on the fact that things are not going what we can call ‘smooth’ for BJP as, after the Maharashtra fiasco, one of their leaders put them in trouble again by their baseless ravelling.

MP of Bhopal, which is now Congress’s fort, Pragya Thakur recently called Nathuram Godse, the man who murdered Mahatma Gandhi, a patriot and the news spread faster than a wildfire.

Pragya Thakur
Via: India Today

As soon as media reported the news, BJP issued a statement strongly condemning any ideology that supports Nathuram Godse, let alone calling him a patriot.

Now, things might look straight from the surface but let me tell you, they’re not!
So, apparently BJP also removed Pragya Thakur from the Defence Panel on which she was appointed recently. And need I remind you there was a lot of uproar over her appointment as well!
Guess appointing an under trial in a bomb blast case as a consultant on defence issues didn’t go down well with the public!

After all, even Bhakts are NOT blind!

Anyway, BJP is trying to do damage control to their best and although its definitely not enough but at least it will give the Bhakts something to defend BJP by. *Smirk*

Here’s a wild thought, what if all this is pre-planned, what if BJP realised that appointing Pragya Thakur on the Defence Panel was a mistake and now removing her would seem as they ‘bent the knee’ before the opposition.
So, they elaborated a dumb statement for her, which they might project as a reason for sacking her! And anyway, nobody gives a sh*t about her wits so everybody will believe.
Just like what they say, “Killed two birds with one stone!”

*Okay, I need to stop watching psychological thrillers*

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