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After Being Debarred By BHU Students, Muslim Professor Appointed To Teach Sanskrit Quits!

The appointment of Dr Firoz Khan in Sanskrit Vidhya Dharma Faculty of BHU saw a huge brawl amongst the students as they refused to be taught Sanskrit by a non-Hindu professor.

Mahamana’s exemplar premises of the Ganga- Jamuni Tehzeeb witnessed the first of its kind stiffness involving religion.

Via: Hindustan Times

Students refused to attend classes completely shutting down Dr Firoz Khan. Any number of mediation and negotiation tries failed to buzz the students from their protest.

At the same time, students from the same institution (but from another faculty) took to roads in support of Dr Firoz Khan.
Guess secularism is not dead!

Via: Janta Ka Reporter

Anyway, the cat’s out of the bag and after a month of disturbance, Dr Firoz Khan submitted his resignation and will teach Sanskrit at a different department of the same institution.

According to BHU administration, he has been shifted to the Sanskrit department of the Arts faculty, where only the language is taught, unlike at the Sanskrit Vidhya Dharm, where the faculty intertwined the study of religion and literature.

After the news of his resignation broke out, one of the protesting students said:

“We want to tell Professor khan we do not have personal enmity… we wish him well.”

Professor Khan was unavailable for any comment on the same.

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