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A Twitterati Comes Up With Mango Pulao & Twitter Says ‘Ye Dekhne Se Pehle Hame Corona Kyu Nahi Hogaya’

The quarantine period has given us a wonderful chance to discover our hidden talents and skills as we had no other option than doing something rather than staying in the house doing nothing. 

During the quarantine period, many people started cooking new dishes, painting, writing poems and books, some even began singing while some others resorted to boost their online presence.

Now people are also sharing their experimentation with foods on social media and some of them are quite weird that even twitter are not able to swallow how some people can come up with such hilarious recipes.

So far, you have seen the worst combinations like dosa with ice-cream, maggie with milk and so on. However, this time you may get more pissed off, as one twitterati decided to make and eat pulao with mango.

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