Bizarre Video: A Three-Horned Cow Recorded On Camera, Left Netizens Shocked

A viral video on the internet has taken everyone by storm. The video was posted on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda, in the caption he wrote – Trishul.

Actually, in the video, a cow of the unknown species, which has not two, but three horns, very big and pointed. The third horn is in the middle of both horns.

This cow was described as Uganda. The video posted on 13 May has been viewed around 12 thousand times so far. The video was originally recorded in Uganda in 2018.

Some users watching the video are worried about the health of the cow, while others call it the miracle of nature.

Here you can also see a viral video of this cow-

See the reaction of viewers on this Three-horned Cow:

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Are you baffled by this three-Horned Cow?

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