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A Relationship Advice That Will Change Your Love-Life Forever 

One of the best relationship advice that every couple needs is to stop being a clingy partner. Of course, you two love and need each other, but showing that every moment is not required. Usually, in a relationship, there is one extra needy person who invests more, but it should not go like this.

Relationships are like a seesaw and it works well when both the partners are investing equally. Being too needy and clingy breaks this balance, and your seesaw of love goes down. Moreover, such behavior does nothing more than your partner wanting to escape.

The more you hold, the more you lose. That’s how it goes in love. Unfortunately, most of the partners don’t even realize that they are becoming a clingy partner. So, they ruin their relationship without even knowing what went wrong.

I have covered some subtle signs to reflect your clingy behavior so that you can stop it immediately. 

More Texts From Them


You text him, he sees your text but doesn’t reply. So, you keep sending more and more texts until he responds to you back. You keep on checking the phone thousands of times, hoping for a reply. 

Text bombarding won’t help you. Instead, it will make your partner think less about you, especially when you fill his phones with thousands of text every day. Text him once and wait for a message. Be patient and a little elusive.

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Spend Free Time With Him

quality time

It’s tough to get some quality time to spend with your partner, especially when you have a busy work life. Frustrated from this less space and time, you hope that your partner spends all his free time with you. 

Hoping this every time is not good for a healthy relationship. Let him grow as an individual instead of threatening to stay attached to you in his free time. And if you don’t give them time for growing, then you are making them busier than before.

Yes, they will keep themselves busy, even in less-important stuff, to escape a clingy partner. So, stop expecting to spend quality time with your love always. Go with the flow instead. 

Regular Talks About Your Relation


Undoubtedly, talking about your relationship is very important to know where you two are going as a couple. But always talking about it will drive your partner crazy. As a result, either one of you will feel like escaping this situation.

So, communicate less often about it. Limit your conversation time to one hour in a week and experience a drastic improvement in your relationship. 

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Let Them Miss You

miss you

Everyone wants to know whether their partner misses them or not. But very few give them a chance. If you are 24×7 available for them, then he will never miss you. He will start taking you for granted and in the worst situation, he will get tired of you.

Instead of being too much available, invest your time in your own life. Take time for your hobbies, career goals, and friends. Let him think more about you and miss you.

Everyone needs space in a relationship, but having a clingy partner will increase this space. So, make sure that you follow this relationship advice to make him fall more for you.

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