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A Man From Madhya Pradesh Built Taj Mahal For Wife, See Pics Here

What you can do in love? Bring moon and stars for your partner or build a second Taj Mahal? Well, this is too much but that is not a dream anymore.  A man from Madhya Pradesh recreated the history by building the Taj Mahal at the exact place where Mumtaz Mahal died.

Have A Look At Luxurious Taj Mahal Home

taj mahalAnand Prakash Chokse wanted to give a unique gift to his wife so he came up with this idea. He asked a local engineer whether this is possible and three years later, this is what he got.
taj mahal home

A luxurious 4 room bedroom with an exterior similar to the historical Taj Mahal that shines as much as the real one in the dark seems magical!!!

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taj mahal madhya pradeshThe engineer who constructed this house strategically put the lights so that it illuminates in such a way that it gives the real feel of the Taj Mahal. Interiors are also designed with gold and white theme.

taj mahal home

Story Behind Building A Taj-Mahal Home

Though it was not easy for the engineer to construct a blueprint and make ready what his clients asked for. He did thorough research and studied the real Taj Mahal to replicate it without missing any minute details.  Not just this, even trained laborers and artists were called from different cities to build this masterpiece.

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The house has carved stones and flooring made from Makrana. The meditation room, spacious hall, a library, and the 4 towers outside the home are the highlights. It also has a real dome that is 29-feet-high and is visible from kilometers. It is a real treat for eyes and everyone who wishes to see the Taj Mahal once in a lifetime but cannot go.

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