A 20 Year Girl Got A Job At Deloitte By Doing This


Ankita Chawla, a 20-year-old young and enthusiastic girl created a resume in such a different style and got hired By Deloitte. The out of the box thinking of this young girl deserved this kind of a job.

Getting a job is not an easy task in today’s competitive world. But the young influencer took the risk and got noticed by one of the most renowned companies Deloitte. Digital resumes are becoming a trend by this girl took the challenge to another level. She used her creative skills and designed her Instagram profile as an appealing resume by uploading a 24 image collage.

Ankita Chawla
Via: PopXo

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While all of just use the social media platform called Instagram for sharing our photos, videos and scrolling memes, this young achiever did what we could never think of. Her creative mind indulged her in grabbing opportunities by showing her creativity through her resume.

Ankita is also a social media influencer with 19k followers on her Instagram account. The desire to do something different to get a job got her one. She was successful in showing herself as a potential employee.

Ankita tells the story about how she got this great idea-

“I remember we had gotten back from our internships and most of my friends were talking about the places that they were going to join because they had gotten pre-placement offers. And I remember sitting there feeling terrible because I was jobless… In one of those boring lectures, I was scrolling through my feed. That’s when I realised, If I need to get the attention of my employers, I need to do something differently.”