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Omg! 916,000 pigs culled to curb African swine fever

The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ministry said on Tuesday. China has suppressed in the African swine fever epidemic with 916,000 pigs killed as of Jan. 14.

As per to ministry spokesperson Guang Defu.“Outbreaks are sporadic and not at epidemic proportions,”
Guang said, Since August, 24 provincial-level regions have reported cases, with blockades now lifted in 77 infected areas of 21 regions.

The ministry has always supported the principles of being “timely, open and transparent” in reporting the cases, Guang further added.

African swine fever is believed to infect only pigs, and no humans or other species have so far been affected.

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China revealed its first case of the disease in August 2018 in the northeastern province of Liaoning.

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