9 Things To Eliminate From Your Breakfast Plate

The first meal of the day is important for fit and flexible body. Skipping breakfast is big loss to the body causing health-related issues. Breakfast is must but eating anything will cause more harm.

Eating unhealthy breakfast is worse than not eating at all. It is important to know that breakfast must contain healthy fibres, protein, and fat that provides complete energy and makes you feel full.


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Tomato contains tannic acid which leads to acidity. If eaten raw it causes gastric problems. It can be taken cooked or in combined form. Where tomato is full of vitamin C it needs to be avoided an empty stomach. People suffering from ulcer and oesophagus problem must avoid eating tomato empty stomach strictly.



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Chillies, garlic, ginger and strong spices must be avoided in the morning meal as the empty stomach may face irritation. The spicy food increases acidity and damages the lining of the inner stomach. It may lead to indigestion and stomach cramps.



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We all love sugar sweets but when taken empty stomach it decreases the insulin level that causes an imbalance in sugar level. Avoiding sugar empty stomach helps in overcoming eye problems. Diabetic people should completely say no to sugar empty stomach.



Carbonated Drinks
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The high content of acid in soft drinks are major reason for bloating. If consumed empty stomach it may cause rashes in the stomach leading to ulcer and other diseases. Just not empty stomach but if consumed in much quantity it harms the digestive system and may lead to cramps.


Yoghurt –

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Yoghurt contains lactic acid which is good for the digestive system but when consumed empty stomach the acid present in the stomach kills the lactobacillus leading acidity. It is good to eat with or after the meal. Flavoured low-fat yoghurt is the same as the normal one and must be avoided in the first meal.



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Pear contains crude fibres that cause damage to the inner lining of the stomach when consumed empty stomach. It is harsh to the mucus and stomach empty stomach causing pain and digestive problems. Eat this between the meals but never empty stomach.



Citrus Fruits
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Lemon, oranges, grapes, strawberries are some fruits that cause acidity when consumed empty stomach. These are the best for eating in between the meals.



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Puffed pastry and baked items that contain yeast are harmful when consumed empty stomach. They increase acidity in the stomach and gastric problems. As they are mostly made out of all-purpose flour, are not healthy for the digestive system.



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Most of grabbing a glass of milk considering it to be healthy. No doubt milk is healthy but the fact is when milk is consumed empty stomach it reacts with acid present in the stomach. Milk is basic in nature and reacts with the digestive juices causing acidity and bloating. Make sure to eat something before gulping the glass of milk. It takes four hours to digest means is heavy but the right way to drink milk is dip by sip. Let the milk go slowly down the food pipe. This way will never cause gastric and bloating problems.

These were the list of food items to avoid eating in AM. Welcome healthy and good quality of food in your diet. Just eating anything for filling stomach is not as simple as we do it there are many damages that we make by munching on fast food and unhealthy food. eating the right food item at the correct time is just the coffee to the milk.

Eat healthily, think wealthy.



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