9 Life-changing kitchen hacks for lazy people


In your busy life, you need some life-saving kitchen hacks to save your time and energy. We all feel lazy at some point of time and so hacks as these come as a saviour. All of them are effective and will help you a lot in your daily routine.

9 Food Hacks you should know

1.Eat pomegranate hassle free

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Eating pomegranate is a pain for lazy people because of the seeds. Before cutting the pomegranate soak the fruit inside the water and this will save your time.

2) No more tears while dealing with onions

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Before cutting the onions soak them in hot water to easily peel off their skin. It will also help in making your eyes less watery. No more crying.

3) Keep the pizza fresh

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Heating the left-over pizza slice in the microwave? Put a glass of water while doing so to prevent the pizza piece from drying. It will taste just like a fresh piece.

4) Remove eggshells effortlessly

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While boiling the eggs add a pinch of baking soda and vinegar to the container. The process of separating egg shells becomes much easier.

5) Prevent things from boiling over

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Afraid that the water will come out during the boiling process? Put a wooden spoon across the vessel to avoid a mess in the kitchen.

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6) Squeeze lime and get more juice

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Instead of directly taking the lemon out from the refrigerator and squeezing it, microwave it for a minute. This will increase the quantity of lime juice.

7) Heat two things in the microwave at the same time

heat in microwave
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Don’t waste your time in front of the microwave to heat your two favourite dishes. Place a bowl and put the second dish on a cup to adjust the space.

8) When reheating your pasta do this

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While reheating your pasta in the microwave or on the stove, make a  hole in between for faster heating saving your precious time.

9) Check if the eggs are fresh or not

fresh eggs
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Before eating your eggs check if they are fresh or stale. Put the eggs in a bowl of cold water, if they sink in and settle at the base then they are fresh but if they float then stay away from them.