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8 Times When PM Modi Won Our Hearts During His Speech At The ‘Howdy Modi’ Event!

“NRG ki ye energy, Bharat aur America ke beech badhti synergy ki gawah hai.”

A new magician of words in the market! None other than India’s most popular leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Begun his speech with such powerful yet cool exhortation that for once we were flabbergasted at the choice of his words!

Let’s take a look at all those times when PM Modi just won our hearts over and over again!

Bon Voyage with apologising. Damn, this man knows how to keep people happy!

Howdy Modi

Yeah, because ‘Achhe Din’ Almost Aane Hi Wale Hain! Went on to say “Everything’s fine in India” in 8 different Indian languages, Modi had us all hung our mouths open at his sheer brilliance!

Howdy Modi

Citing his party’s historic victory in General Elections 2019, he, very savagely made America realise how far they lack behind India in Human Resources!
Modi be like, “Damn, We got voter ID cards double your population nigga!”

Howdy Modi

Modi Never misses a chance to mock his competitors anywhere! But he does so with such grace, its basically called “Makhmal Mein Lapet Ke Joota Marna”    *Okay Sorry*

Howdy Modi

My Article 70 is my Article 70. None of your Article 70! #SavageModi

Howdy Modi

According to reports, the demand of Burnol has significantly increased in our neighbour country after hearing this! *Suppressing Laughter*

Howdy Modi

Wait, is this a war called? Seemed so!

Howdy Modi

Just last bits of coating of whatever sugar left from his welcome speech to Trump!

Howdy Modi

So basically Mr Modi did everything, be it flaunting Achhe Din, or mocking his competitors, threatening his enemies or pulling Trump’s leg (Obviously after lauding him)! The crowd, the craze and the enthusiasm seen for a political rally of an Indian leader in the U.S.A, is a benchmark, which would go down in history!

This is what Modi had to say to the Indians living in America:

“Aap Apne Vatan Se Door Hain Lekin Vatan Ki Sarkar Aapse Door Nahi Hai.”

Damn, is he trying to contest elections in America as well?

Anyway, the most beautiful part of his speech was a part of his poem which he recited:

“Wo Jo Mushkilon Ka Ambaar Hai…                                                                                                                                                    Wohi Toh Mere Hausalon Ki Meenar hai”

Let’s just all agree for once that we went from feeling inferior for being Indian to flaunting of being Indian! Courtesy of this man!

We love you 3000 Mr Modi!

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