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8 foods that will keep you warm during cold days


As the temperature drops down, we look to have some warming foods like stews and soups to keep our body chill in colder days. Some people get confused and some have no idea which foods are best and warm for winter days. So today we will show you the foods that will help you to keep warm in coldest days.


Take turmeric daily in small amount. It keeps your body warm besides strengthening resistance power during winter. It is known as the best curing for cold and tough during cold weather. You can also cure your cold by drinking ginger tea regularly.



It is another effective medicine for cold and flu. Honey is easy to digest, its intake in winter season helps in keeping your body warm. Its intake is highly recommended in winter season and forbidden in summer season.


Sesame infusions helps in curing various diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma as well. You can use sesame paste for to stop hair dandruff.

Dry Fruits:

You can take dry fruits in several manners: Add up into your salad, make dry fruits ladoo. Especially walnuts, almond and dates helps in generating heat in your body so its consumption in winter season is extremely beneficial.


One of the greatest benefit offered by saffron is the glowing and charm of your skin. In cold weather you can boil saffron with raisins, milk as well as almonds before going to sleep. This not only keeps you warm but also make your skin glowing.


You can choose either black or white pepper. It is among the spices that is best for keeping your body warm during cold days.

Boiled Eggs:

Eggs filled with potential vitamins and proteins it makes our body ready to fight with winter infections. In winter time try to take eat 2 eggs on regular basis and you will feel the great power.

Hot soups:

Nothing is more comforting than consuming a warm soup in cold days. It gives you Aaah feeling. Hot soups is the healthiest and the easiest way of giving your body good amount of heat in extreme cold weathers.

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