8 Dumbest Items You Might Actually Buy

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Where internet is known to be the easiest platform for shopping on the other hand it is also know as the platform to buy useless items. Am i right? You may find some useless, tacky and tasteless items on internet that inspires endless impulse buyers. Even after knowing that they are useless people buy them. Like that only today i will show you the list of 8 ridiculous items sold ion internet and people may buy it.

 Ultimate wine glass


Ultimate Wine Glass Let that wine-mom jokes abound. The ultimate wine glass is essentially just a glass and a bottle shape but together that someone had the bright idea of making money of off. They seem to have succeeded in that endeavour, since it turns out the Ultimate Wine Glass’s existence on the internet has gone viral. No one’s saying you should be drinking this much wine all the time, but it’s definitely a gag at parties.



Actually quite useful if you bake a lot (or just need to always separate egg yolks from the egg whites). This is the cuter alternative to just separating eggs yourself. This tiny swine is also an egg separator. It’s quite hilarious, too. You’d be thankful the yolk gets pressed out of the front end on this one.

 Bird Smoke Alarm


For those of you who are nitpicky about how your home looks, there are alternatives for smoke alarms that don’t have to be that flat, round thing sitting on the ceiling. Purchase an adorable little bird that actually makes the room look cuter while also providing safety precautions. These bird smoke alarms sold by Chick-a-Dee cost around 50 British pounds and come in different colors if white doesn’t match your room.

Chihuahua Taco Holder


Well this is adorable. Sure you can try to set your tacos up next to each other on a plate like some people do. Or you can spend a little extra and buy these babies, little ceramic taco holders in the shape of a chihuahua. There’s really nothing else more useful to it than if holding your taco yourself bothers you that much. It’s definitely the cuteness factor that makes this item sellable.

 Bacon Bandaids


If you’ve been to a gag store or anywhere else they’d sell these, then you’re already acquainted with bacon bandaids. They don’t taste like bacon, but hopefully you didn’t think about biting into one of these anyway. There’s an assortment of different bandaid designs out there, like all your favorite cartoon characters or soothing flowers and hearts. But if you like to think of yourself as the funny friend, then chances are you’re going to head to the closest place that sells these things. There’s a beef alternative if pork isn’t your choice of wound treatment.

 Cartoon bags


These were all the rage for a while and it’s most likely because of the clever eye trick the art has on your eyes. At a very quick glance, these bags are 2D and it just seems like people are carrying around animated versions of something useful. They’re a lot more real-looking in real life when you see one in a store up close, but that doesn’t change the fact that their double-take design has made it popular amongst fast fashion trends. Yeah, it’s not the latest Celine bag or a classic Hermes bag, but you’ll definitely turn heads. Even Katy Perry sported one on Halloween in 2012 when she dressed up as Daria–which makes sense since Daria is after all a 2D Cartoon character.


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This–quite truthfully gross–contraption is an egg separator. Why you’d even want to eat the egg whites that come out here is beyond logic. But if you’ve always wanted a quirky egg separator that made the egg whites look like snot, then your desires have been fulfilled. You can buy this sad seeming ceramic device off of Amazon for less that $15. It’s definitely a conversation starter for anyone coming over to your house.

Pokemon Cupcake Pan

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There’s really no need to explain the desire to purchase something like this. It’s Pokemon and cupcakes–that’s every millennials dream–unless of course you were one of the few kids that never watched Pokemon. Or maybe you were more of a Digimon kid, in which case, fair play (but they probably don’t make cupcake pans in the shape of a digivice, just saying). Like most things nowadays, you can spend your money on this baking item online and have it shipped right to you so that there’s no store clerk judging you at the checkout counter.

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