8 CommonThoughts That Go Through Every Single Girl’s Mind

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    Every girl feel completely free of tension in her life before marriage and she lives her life well try to live at its best. After all these do you know that every single girl but do you know what single girls think about marriage before marriage? When she go on a wedding do you know what she thinks their? If not then don’t worry we are here to tell you the most common things every single girl think before marriage.

    #1 Girls ask themselves where can i get the right boy for marriage.

    #2 Omg i wish my mom and dad will not fix my relationship in this party with anyone.

    #3 Seeing the bridge at marriage girls think” wow red color suits on this bride actually red will also suits me on my marriage but golden as well suits on me so i will wear golden.

    #4 I want to look best in this party so that everyone can look at me.

    #5 Oh the bride’s brother is too handsome would he like me or maybe he had a girlfriend.


    #5 The bride is more beautiful than the groom but it’s fine my husband should be like this but it’s ok if he would be more handsome.

    #6 Omg that boy is looking at me from long time but he is looking very handsome also.

    #7 I wish i get my favourite food here otherwise i will go from here right away.

    #8 Everyone says get married fast what am i getting older?

    I know you can totally relate all these thoughts because i am also a single girl and all these thoughts runs in my mind whenever i attend any wedding.