7 Ways To Overcome Insomnia And Have A Peaceful Sleep

If you are finding a problem in falling asleep or waking up in the morning feels you tiring then you might be suffering from Insomnia. The sleeplessness lasting for two days or a weak, it is Acute Insomnia, while the month of sleeplessness is chronic insomnia.

The main causes are significant life stress, illness, emotional or physical discomfort, medications, interfere in normal sleep schedule, depression, chronic stress, pain or discomfort at night.

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The drastic changes in lifestyle are leading towards depressive mental health. When there is time to relax we often choose to pick our social networking sites and check the updates. Spending hours in front of electronic screens depletes sleeping time.

One side where we are running behind money, job satisfaction and what not we commonly overlook biological clock and inner peace. Running in the race to prove ourselves better is the main root of stress ruining our mental peace.

insomnia causes
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Average sleeping hours for an adult is 6 to 7 hours a day. Not completing sleeping hour leads to depression, digestive problems, laziness, dullness, lack of energy and so on. Incomplete sleep affects working efficiency and you know the story ahead.

The ill-health caused by irreverent day to day habits is perfect to say the slow poison. The minute issues caused today turns into a bigger problem later.

Let us know some remedies to defeat insomnia


Hot Water Bath
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Taking a hot shower before bedtime relaxes the muscle and promotes blood circulation it also calms down the mind. It is an effective way to relax and fall asleep.


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Sometimes excessive physical work or a tiring day may discomfort you with pain and stiffness in the body. A quick message to the body is helpful in relaxing the body. Massage your head, neck, back, hands, palms, legs and feet.

Just let you feel and concentrate on the relaxation. The oils like lavender, coconut, mustard oil (only for winters), tea oil and as per your choice. But avoid strong aroma oil and artificial oils.


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Nourishing the body is always the first priority, drinking warm milk before bedtime fills the stomach and promotes sleep. The Saffron, turmeric, desi cow ghee are some add on to the milk.


Green Tea
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Green tea or chamomile tea is the best way to cure acute insomnia. They have detoxifying properties, which improves sleep and reduces stress. The Indian mild black tea also gives the same results. It is advised to have a cup of detoxifying tea at least before 20 minutes going to sleep.


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Washing off every strain of the stress by meditating for 15 minutes relaxes mind creates peace of mind. Sitting in sukhasana with eyes closed just count your breath and let go of everything else. Practising meditation twice a day keeps body and mind calm hence decreases stress and overcomes insomnia.


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Using mobile phones, laptops, TV, etc emits harmful lights that awake the mind and disturbs biological clock which leads to insomnia. Keep mobile phones away at least 1 hour before going for sleep.


book reading
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Some time the body feels so tired that it refuses to fall asleep. One way is to read books. Reading a book might not appear interesting but once you start you will see the changes.

Life is short don’t complicate it by overthinking. Appreciate that you have. Look for the reasons to smile and love. Rise above hate.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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