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7 Valentine’s Day Outfit ideas to Steal From Your Bollywood Divas

The much awaited-day among couples is right around the corner! Yes, guys, I am talking about the most-loved day in February, Valentine’s day. As Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, you may be wondering its time to pull out those sparkling red outfit to mark the occasion with a lovely appearance dressed in red. 

Whether you are preparing to go on a dinner date or staying at home, you definitely want to look the prettiest for your valentine, Am I right? 

Picking the right valentine outfit can be a little confusing. However, don’t fret if you are doubtful and don’t know what to wear. None other than the famous Bollywood divas have got your back and will give you the hottest style inspiration. 

Check out your favorite celebrities’ outfits to ace red on this valentine’s day

Disha Patani:

Disha paatni
Via: BoldSky.com

You can wear this stunning long red outfit on valentine’s day. If you are planning a dinner date or a movie date, this can be the best look for a night party. Does Not Disha Patani look smoking hot in this stunning look? You can enhance your look with a red matte lipstick that goes perfectly with your long red outfit. 

Janhvi Kapoor:

Janhvi Kapoor

If you are wondering how to wear red on this day of love, then do not worry! Janvhi Kapoor has got your back as she recently wore a red outfit with a pinch of boldness and sexiness in her look. Get inspired by this look of Janhvi, as she appears drop-dead gorgeous in this red outfit. To complete your look, you can add a white or black satchel.

Ananya Panday

Ananya Panday

If you want to look simple yet beautiful this valentines day, you can play with prints. Get yourself a printed one piece that has a blend of white and red or black and red. You can get inspired by Ananya’s look and can copy her look for your special day. Pair your outfit with hoops or platforms to make it complete.

Sonakshi Sinha:

Sonakshi Sinha

Why worry about styling tips for Valentine’s day when you have Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas to Steal from Celebs. Grab inspiration from this gorgeous look by Sonakshi Sinha. See how perfectly she managed to look sexy and cute at the same time. Opt for a polka-dotted, V-neck outfit with the latest puff sleeves. Keep your makeup and accessories minimal and allow your outfit to do all the talking.

Sobhita Dhulipala:


Want to slay on Valentine’s day? Then, this outfit worn by Sophia Fhulipa can be your valentine’s day dress. It is perfect to mark a romantic occasion. Bollywood Diva Sobhita shows how to kill with a red outfit with sheer detailing. Her smokey eyes and low bun enhances the look and make it perfect for a romantic day. 

Taapsee Pannu:


If you are planning to go on a beach vacation with your partner this valentine, then you can opt for this cherry outfit. Taapsee’s dress gives a lot of inspiration to dress up this valentine. A red dress with a tie-up skirt and a shirt is the best look. You can look sexy by wearing a cherry shade lipstick on this ravishing outfit.

Kriti kharbanda:

Kriti kharbanda

You can go for a cord-set as Kriti Kharbanda wore with flared pants and a red tube top. It is a perfect look for girls who don’t want to carry heavy outfits on Valentine’s day. It is formal and dressy and will be an ideal dress for a rooftop dinner date.

So, these are the top Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas to Steal from Celebs. Would you pick any of these for your V-day? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do not forget to wear red hot lipstick. It will add a pinch of sexiness to your overall look and will boost your confidence to rock your day.

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