7 Shocking Health Facts That Will Amaze You

We have always been curious about our body. We like to know how our body functions, what are the facts related to our body. Knowing more about your health gives us health benefits. More knowledge will make us more aware of our body and its functioning.

Here are some surprising health facts that will leave you astonished:

1. Sitting Continuously on a chair Can Increase Your Death Risk By 50 Percent:

Many of us gave a job that requires us to sit on a chair for hours. This has many adverse effects on our health. According to a release held at the University of Sydney, the risk of death increases by almost 48 percent if you sit on a chair for hours. To avoid any mishappening, you should take breaks, do some small physical activities. This small habit in your daily life will help you in reducing the risk of your health.

2. Drinking Coffee Can Help You In Preventing Depression

Via: New York Post

We have heard many negative effects of coffee on our health. Our elders have warned us about limiting the intake of coffee many times. But there is a shocking benefit of intaking coffee. The researchers of Harvard School of health have g]found out that if you drink a minimum of four cups of coffee every day, your risk of depression decreases by 20 per cent.

3. An Optimist Citizen Lives Longer

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We all know that a positive attitude and strong will power can help in fighting all odds. In a research held at Duke University Medical Center, it was studied that heart patients with an optimistic attitude live longer.

4. Crunches Will Not Give You A Flat Belly

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If you had a misconception that doing crunches will help you in giving a flat tummy, then you were wrong. In research, it was proved that doing mere crunched won’t give you desired flat belly. You need to mix a few exercises along with crunches that will help reducing belly fat and building abs.

5. Handwritten Notes Can Help To Sharpen Your Memory

Via: The Writing Cooperative

Remember when we’re small, our moms and teachers emphasized on writing and learning method. Indiana  University proved that the method helped learn quickly and also sharpens the memory of children.

6. Feeling Tired? Exercise

Via: Best Life

We feel fatigued and exhausted after returning from work. In order to relax we lay on the bed. A study proved that if you do a 30- minute cardio exercise, it will help in relaxing and even lowering the risk of depression. Next time you feel saturated just go for a brisk walk.

7. Feeling Hot, Drink Something Hot to Feel Cold

Hot Drink
Via: Elsetge.cal

Whenever we feel hot we go for options like chilled drinks, shakes and ice creams. However the study at the University of Ottawa’s School of Human Kinetics has advised that drinking hot will help you generate sweat, the sweat will in return make you feel cold.

Are you shocked after knowing these surprising facts about your health?



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