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7 Qualities That Makes Your Relationship Strong And Intimate

Having a reliable and strong relationship is a gift from the divine. Keeping the relationship full of good memories is our responsibility. Struggles of the relationship have been a  common topic people often face. Many people take their friend’s advice, go to relationship counsellors and now the internet has taken all the charge.

So here are some important qualities that you must maintain in your relationship to stay happy and satisfied.

1. Sharing Personal Information

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Sharing personal information doesn’t mean to share your social media password or bank details. To establish a good bond you need to share your feelings. You should be able to share your dreams, fears and secrets with each other. This information will help you build a strong connect and understand each other better.

2. Sharing Your Choices

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Compatibility factor is very important in a relationship. If you understand each other’s likes and dislikes and accept them you will be happier. Go to each other’s favourite dining places, watch favourite movies together is one way of having an intimate relationship.

3. Trust and Loyalty

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Trust and loyalties are major issues couple face n their relationship. Building trust in a relationship is a very major aspect which many couples fail to do. A relationship can be forever only of two individuals have equal trust and loyalty towards each other.

4. Care For Small Things

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Expressing the care and concern you have for each other is also very important. Remind each other how special the other person is. What is their importance in your life. Caring for them even when they do not need. Be there for them through thick and thin.

5. Forgiveness

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If you stick to your fights and refuse to let go of the issues cannot be resolved. Forgive each other with a promise to never repeat it. We are humans and making mistakes is part of our lives. Forgiving makes your relationship strong showing that you value your relationship more.

6. Mutual Decision Making

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A healthy relationship is where you can share thoughts equally. Respect each other’s opinions and decide mutually. Understand each other’s thoughts and intentions and then make decisions. Let not any one person dominates the other.

7. Commitment

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A commitment towards each other to stand by their side is all that a good relationship is all about. Don’t be indefinite of showing your commitment as it can create a difference between you. This quality will is very important for an intimate and strong relationship.

Hope you have great relationships and imbibe these qualities in your life to maintain healthy and strong relations.


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