7 Life Lessons To be Learnt From ‘Arjuna’ in ‘Mahabharata’

Arjuna is said to be one of the primary and heroic characters of Mahabharata. He was a balanced personality and took right decisions. His intellectual powers even impressed Lord Krishna and his Guru Dronacharya or Guru Drona. That’s why he decided to teach Dhanur Vidya to Arjuna only among all Kauravas and Pandavas.

Arjuna was not only intelligent but he was a kind and generous man too. He was a good hearted man who never took pride of his skills and talents. That’s what made him impressive personality. Lets take a look what all can we learn from Arjuna and what made him so extraordinary.

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Lessons that can be learnt from Arjuna

1. Ultimate Passion

Arjuna in Mahabharata

Arjuna in Mahabharata had a great passion for archery and he loved shooting arrows. Even at the time of sunset and in the dark, he never gave up. He always paid attention in improving himself by practicising day and night and just followed his passion. This heroic always starved to attain perfection in his field of passion.

2. Always Indulge in Healthy Competition and learn from your competitors


Arjuna always followed the path of Dharma and never condemned his competitors. Once Eklavya (another character of Mahabharata), who was also passionate about Dhanur vidya He shot some arrows,which was not known in a much right way to Arjuna.

But Arjuna didn’t compete with him in a wrong way. Instead he woke up all the night and started practicing his Vidya more. He said when a person like Eklavya who even is not trained from Guru Drona and doesn’t have much facilities can practice Dhanur vidya in such a marvelous then why can’t I ?

It is popularly known that ‘Karna’ was a main competitor of Arjuna. He even provoked him many times. But Arjuna never left his Dharma always involved in healthy competition with him. He was never jealous of Karna and never harmed him. In fact sometimes Arjuna praised him.

3. Deep Focus

Arujna in Mahabharata

Arjuna was a keen observant and had a deep focus. He always paid attention to minute details and set his goals. When Guru Drona asked all the Kauravas and Pandavas to  shoot the eye of a bird with a bow and arrow and asked everyone what all you can see. Then everyone have different answers, some said they can see leaves, tree or bird. Only Arjuna said that he can see only the eye of a bird.

Then he set the arrow and hit the point. That’s what impressed Guru Drona and he taught Arjuna Dhanur Vidya. Then he became a successful Archer.

4. Immense Faith in God

Lessons from Arjuna in Mahabharata

Arjuna always had lots of respect and utmost faith in his friend and companion Lord Krishna. Because Arjuna somewhere knew that Krishna was God. That’s why when Krishna gave the options to both Duryodhana and Arjuna before war in choosing him or his mighty army. As Krishna would not use any weapon or equipment in the war. So, Arjuna chose Krishna.

He knew that Krishna will always make him choose right path. That’s why Arjuna always said “Jo apko thik lage Madhav(Krishna)”and consistently accepted whatever Krishna said.

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5. Patience and Perseverance

Lessons from Arjuna in Mahabharata

There was an incident in Mahabharata when even Arjuna lose slight patience. He then promised himself he will never lose his patience. Once Arjuna was playing  Vadya Yantra Veena (musical instrument) and spending his free time. At that moment Duryodhana, (Kauravas, who were Pandavas cousin and enemy) along with Karna, came there and made fun of Arjuna and tried to degrade him.

Karna instigated Arjuna a lot and said some abusive words. At that time Arjuna lost his patience and was filled with anger and took a weapon out but he didn’t harmed Karna. Still Arjuna got the punishment of taking his shastra (weapon) out without any permission. Arjuna was told to wash the foot of Karna. It hurt him a lot.

But Arjuna learnt from his mistake and decided that he will never lose his patience whatever be the difficulty. He will just focus on his work and do it persistently. All these unimportant moments or people can never make him weak. So, we should also just like Arjuna learn from our mistakes and inculcate patience in our lives.

6. Gratitude and Acceptance

Life lessons from Arjuna in Mahabharata

Arjuna always accepted whatever came in his life. He was never embarrassed in accepting his mistakes and flaws. And always spoke truth. He appreciated his life. And even at the time of problems, he remained calm and tackled with in a smart way.

As previously said he never took pride in his skills and qualities. And always paid gratitude to life and God. Though there were immense suffering in the life of Arjuna and his family but still he came out of it due to his good nature.

7. Persistent Hardwork

Arjuna in Mahabharata

There is no alternative to Hardwork and this lesson can be right followed from the life of Arjuna. Arjuna constantly spent his time to learn and polish his skills. He never missed any opportunity to learn. Before the war of Mahabharata Pandavas alongwith his wife were ordered to live in exile in forest for 12 years.

At that time Arjuna took plenty of trainings and did so much tapasayas in order to be fully prepared for final war. At that time Shankar Bhagwan also tested him and was extremely impressed by him and gave him many ‘Vardans’. In fact at that time he got many vardans from many gods.

These all blessings and rewards from Gods made him much powerful. And he participated in the war with full confidence, lots of skills, hardwork and self-beliefs. It all made him won the war. Hence we should always give 100 per cent to our hardwork in order to be successful.




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