7 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know


    So  today’, Learn DIY HAIR Life Hacks! 7l Life Hacks For Girls, We all have those lazy hair days where hair is the last thing on our minds and we have zero motivation to put in effort in our hair! So if you are a busy girl or just a lazy girl like me, then check out these super-easy hair life hacks that are not only time saving, but will help you never leave the house looking a mess ever again! Here are 7 DIY HAIR Life Hacks!

    First life hack


    Let’s say you’re combing through your hair & find a bald spot. not the most flattering thing, but there’s a way to hide it! Just apply eyeshadow about the same color as your hair to cover it up! It’s the perfect last-minute way to cover up any bald hair spot!

    Second life hack


    you’re styling your hair up and use a hair clip to hold it up.. but unfortunately, it will end up looking crooked and dented in a few hours! Next time, add hot glue to your hair clips! What this does is add grip to your hair clips to keep your hair in place all day! it’ll provide extra long hold for any hairstyle so you can achieve those Pinterest hair goal!

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    Third hair hack


    Did you know you can use nylon socks as a hair accessory? Yes, you totally can make it into a headband, here’s how! It’ll look exactly like a headband!

    Fourth hair Hack


    This is another little nylon sock trick! Do u ever braid your hair and not like how thin it looks? what you can do to make your braid fuller is to put a nylon sock in it! Use a sock that’s about the same colour as your hair, place it on top of a hair section & then simply braid your hair as you normally would all the way to the bottom. Your braid will look much thicker!

    Fifth hair hack


    Are for those that have a hard time pin curling their hair! next time, Use a fork to pin curl your hair! spin it all the way to the top of your roots and secure it with a bobby pin! The perfect pin curl! & once you release, you’ll have really nice bouncy curls!</p?

    Sixth Hair Hack


    DIY haircuts can be disastrous! here is an at-home haircut trick you can do without messing up! If you want to trim your split ends without losing any length, what u can do is: twist one inch section of your hair. you’ll see these little tiny strands of hair sticking out. just cut those pieces, those are all your split ends! i love this because it’s simple, it’s easy & you don’t lose any length.

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    Seventh hair hack

    Via:Brit + Co

    Did you know you can make a bunch of spare hair ties, again out of nylon socks? all you gotta do is take a nylon sock, cut a few at about an inch long. just twist it together & stretch them out & it’s ready to use! it’s a Great, lazy way to make extra hair ties.