7 Strange Laws of Pakistan Which Will Make You Laugh Loud


    Pakistan is a victim of trouble for India, but the whole world has given the reason for laughing due to Pakistan’s strange, unbearable leg rules.

    Here are some rules that are so strange that you will begin to smile and laugh. Knowing this makes the citizens of Pakistan aware of the sympathy.

    Imagine that there is a place where you want to eat if you do not have permission to go on a date with the girl, you want to read but to pay the tax for it, you will become helpless to laugh. Let us tell you about some of these strange rules.

    No visa for Israel

    CREDIT: The Times of Israel

    If anyone wants to travel to Pakistan from Israel, he will not get a visa there. According to Pak rules, there is no country of this name on their map. In such cases, the person has to go to another country and apply for the visa.

    Tax on education

    An annual tax of 5 percent is required to pay more than two lakh rupees. Getting back to education in a backward country is surprising.

    Live-in relationship is ban here

    credit: Hadlines

    There is no concept of live-in relationship in Pakistan. If someone gets caught doing this then he is put in jail. It is considered illegal to do this before marriage.

    Uneducated peons invalid

    There can be an uneducated prime minister here but not as a peon. If someone applying for the post of a pen, then it must be a graduate. It is now known that why Pakistani politicians talk about basic feet.

    Jokes on PM illegal

    credit: google

    Making jokes on the Prime Minister in Pakistan is considered a serious crime. In doing so, the person concerned can also be directly imprisoned.

    Not touching the phone without permission

    Touching his phone without anyone’s permission is considered a bad habit in Pakistan. If someone does this, then some action is decided on it.

    Unnecessary e-mail 

    credit: bussinessinsider

    If someone has a habit of sending or chatting to things about e-mail, he/she should never go to Pakistan. It is considered illegal to do so. There is a provision for a huge fine, jail can also be there.