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7 Deadly Food Combinations You Should Avoid Eating

Eating healthy food is important but combining food with each other should be taken care of. It is not necessary that every food does well to your body. There might be some serious implications that can affect your body.

It is difficult to eat healthily and managing it with your busy life. But the lack of knowledge might prove dangerous, so here are some food combinations that you should avoid.

Check Out The List Of Blunder Food Combos:

1. Milk And Banana Is A Na Na

Banana and Milk
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Eating milk with a glass of milk is a widely consumed combination. But it is not so healthy as you think it to be. Banana and milk are both heavy and difficult to digest if eaten together. It also results in the slow functioning of the brain. So to avoid any digestion related issues you should not skip this combo.

2. Fruits With A Meal

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Fruits are healthy, but only when consumed at a certain time. You can eat the fruit in your breakfast and it will give you immense benefits. However, consuming fruits with your meal is not a good choice you should opt for.

3. Cereals With Fruit Juice To Avoid Tea Or Coffee

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There are many people who don’t include tea or coffee in their morning routine. They are left with fruit juices to start their day with. To have a fulfilling breakfast, cereals are great but combining a fruit juice with milk is not a good option.

4. Meat With Potatoes

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Experts say that combining an animal protein with carbs is something you should avoid. The meat and carbohydrates present in potatoes can cause bloating and flatulence. So eating mashed potatoes with your favourite steak is a blunder.

5. Yoghurt With Fruits

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It is mentioned in Ayurveda that mixing your sour fruits with dairy products can be a big mistake. The combination produces toxins which result in a difficult digestion process. Further, it can also cause rough skin, allergies and cold.

6. Pizza And Soda

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This is a deadly combination which we are addicted to, isn’t it? But pizza is a food rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Digestion of pizza is a time taking process and when you take soda it slows down the digestion rate. This can result in having gastric and stomach related problems.

7. Tomatoes in Pasta

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Tomato sauce pasta is a lip-smacking dish which is hard to resist. The tangy flavour of tomatoes lifts the taste of pasta. But it can be equally dangerous, pasta is a starch-rich food and tomatoes are rich in acid. When they are consumed together they can result in bloating.

Next time before consuming your meal be careful you are eating healthy and correct.

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