7 Airplane Myths That Make Airplane Travel Scary


7 Airplane Myths That Make Airplane Travel Scary! Airplane travel is perhaps one of the scariest things for most people in the world. Well, these are all the efforts of various myths and misconceptions that have to create shelters in the minds of people.

Moreover, it is extremely safe to travel by planes these. Also, your jittery feelings would get away once you clear out some misconceptions that may have prevailed since long.

Have look at these Airplane myths

Myth #1- What if the emergency exit door or cabin door opens

exit gate
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This is generally the most common notion that people carry in their minds. However, this door opening during a flight is just impossible. Under such great pressure, it would need a hydraulic jack or superhero strength to do so.

Myth #2- Turbulence equals to crash?

airplace myth
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This is again a great misconception. In case you are a nervous flyer then it’s acceptable that would be scared of even a slight turbulence. This is, however, a temporary situation that would make you uncomfortable for a while. You really not need to worry about the plane being crashed!

Myth #3- Switching on mobiles may lead to a crash


Look around and recognize in what era we are living in today. This myth certainly needs to be cleared away. It’s suggested keep your phones off during a flight because they have an entirely different frequency and have a tendency to jump off to multiple networks on such high altitude not because they can cause a crash

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Myth #4- You may get trapped in the toilet

airplane toilet

Most people are the victims of this shitty misconception. Nothing like this is really gonna happen unless and until the vacuum is created. SO CHILL!

Myth #5- Small Planes cannot be considered safe

small airplanes
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Well, safety is not something that depends on the size of the plane but actually the person who is operating it. Regardless of its size, the plane won’t crash if the pilot is trustworthy.

Myth #6- Lightening can affect the plane


You may not even be able to notice when lightning strikes the plane. The plane’s tail and wings are known to dissipate electricity hence you need not worry about the crash at all.

Myth #7- The oxygen masks have no oxygen

oxygen mask

People are often found with an opinion that oxygen masks in planes have no oxygen. However, the fact is that these masks consist of a probable combination of several chemicals that can help the travelers feel better.

There may be many more interesting misconceptions, however; these prevail as the most common ones. Well, you certainly overcome them now.