6 Students And Driver Of DPS School died in Bus-Truck Accident


    Here is the funeral of the four children Shruti, Kriti, Swastik and Harmeet Kaur, together with a funeral procession on Friday. On Saturday due to the accident, there was a holiday in all the schools in the city, while all major markets were closed for half an hour.


    Seven children died of DPS school indore along with the conductor and driver of the buys on kanadiya Road, indore.  The reason of this horror accident was the unbalance of steering wheel it got out of control.

    This accident left many parents childless and also so many children were get severely injured.

    Shruti loves roaming in the car:


    The last journey of Shruti Ludhiana was brought out in the car. Her uncle told that the girl was very fond of roaming in the car, so they  decorated her favorite car with flowers and sent her away.

    During the last time, the mother’s chariot was wrapped in Shruti. The family of Shruti has donated his eyes. Its really heart broking that shuriti born after 22 years of prayers in ehr family.

    On 17th December swastik celebrated his Birthday:

    Swastika Pandya birthday was on December 17. The mother posted his Birthday and said to be a good person but after this incident whole people become speechless.

    Donated Eyes-Skin


    Pratashant Agrawal, the lost father of his daughter, decided to donate her daughter eyes and skin after death.

    Before the post-mortem, he asked the doctors to donate his daughter’s eyes so that his eyes could illuminate anyone else.

    On the Whatsapp, he wrote, “Traffic workers and RTOs get a break from earning money from helmets and no parking and if there is some shame due to today’s accident, then check speed governors and security devices in all school buses from tomorrow.”

    Do not make my husband’s PM

    This happened


    On Friday, after leaving the DPS (Delhi Public School), only 12 children was left to leave in their house.  The driver’s balance was worsened due to failure of the bus steering on the bypass. Just crossing the dividers crossed the wrong direction and collided with the truck coming from the front.

    The driver got stuck on the steering and he succumbed to it. People passing around after the incident informed the police and ambulance. As soon as the children’s family got information about this accident. They ran towards the spot as soon as they were.

    R.I.P to all children’s and other who died in the accident