6 Solid Reasons Why Being Single Is Amazing AF For Girls


    There are so many types of women in the worlds and also all they think differently. When it comes to being in a relationship some prefer to be in a relationship, some choose to date and rest choose to stay single.

    Reasons why girls love being single are so many. If you are trying to know those reason check out the below mentioned points. It will help you to know what girls really want and what they look in their future partner.

    1- The Freedom


    For a lot of girls being single is just living life with freedom. Single girls also spend time with friends, go on work and pursue hobbies they live a life that go with the flow of their rules. They do not want to remain to live a life that followed by other rules.

    2- Their Career is their first priority


    The reason why most of the girls these days are staying single is their career , they are focusing on their ambition for now. Sometime getting into a relationship force you to sacrifice your career. But some girls wants to focus on their career before romance.

    3- She is on Purpose

    Other girls may enjoy entering into relationships or dating but some women don’t want to get married also they just want live a life without men keeping herself and her family happy without taking help of men.

    4- Waiting for Mr.perfect or Mr.Right

    Credit:India Today

    Some girls remain single until they find the Mr right for them.Such girls doesn’t want to settle for wrong boy they will wait for the right time to met with the right me to whom she can love unconditionally and get settle with him.

    5- Because she can!


    This is a societal change that now various choices enable to live independent life. You know that 50 years ago a women could not open a bank account without his husband signature.

    6- No commitment

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    Some girls enjoy dating but don’t plan to get married. Such women genuinely enjoy the life of being single he don’t want a long relationship commitment.