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6 Indian Food Combinations That Are Heavenly Delicious

Food tastes delicious if you match it with its right pair. There are dishes that taste great when eaten together. Indians have a habit of making weird combinations and no doubt they satisfy our food cravings.

India having a diverse and rich culture has many cuisines and specialities. Every region has a known dish which has an impeccable flavour.

Below are some unbeatable food combos that you must have tried in your life.

1. Chai with Biscuits

Chai with biscuits
Via: The Better India

The desi foodie inside knows that no cookie can match the level of taste you get when a biscuit is dipped in chai. Indians are obsessed with chai and why not, Chai is a drug more than just a refreshing drink. Biscuits make a perfect pair with chai and hence are an uncomparable combo.

2. Poha And Jalebi

Poha jalebi
Via: Wikipedia

Poha is a staple breakfast for most of the Indian cities. It is easy to cook and find a poha stall. And where there is poha, there is a jalebi. The spicy and sweet combination is deadly and lip-smacking.

3. Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream

gulab jamun ice cream
Via: Barbara Hansen

As odd this dish may sound, it has a different fan base altogether. The hot and sweet gulab jamuns mixed with chilling ice cream is heavenly delicious.

5. Jalebi with Rabri

Jalebi with rabri
Via: Zayka Ka Tadka

Jalebi being slightly salty and rabri being a rich sweet made from milk makes this an unbeatable sweet dish.

6. Kadhi with Rice

Via: Watscooking

Kadhi chawal combo is an inseparable dish. There is no doubt about the fact that we love rice with kadhi more than we love it with anything else. A plate filled with this delicacy will make anyone’s day.

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