We all talk about wanting the newest version of the iPhone or the latest Galaxy Note whatever, but did you know that there is a whole world of limited edition and concept phones that we never even knew existed?

Hexagon Wavy 2

Credit:Concept Phones

The phone in this picture looks like a tablet mated with a magazine and gave us the bendy wave of a device you see here. Not only is this design interesting and different, it actually has two keyboards that you can interchange when you are going from texting to gaming. The first picture we showed you of the Hexagon Wavy 2 had a regular keyboard attachment but the Hexagon Wavy 2 pictured here has the gaming keyboard component we were talking about instead.

Lenovo CPlus

Credit:Concept Phones

If the phone in this picture looks longer than normal, it’s because it is. This super long phone is designed that way to give you the largest interactive screen possible, and so that it is able to wrap around your wrist like a bracelet. It almost fools users into thinking they break the screen when they bend it back, but both the cracked glass effects, as well as the cracking sounds that accompany the displayed effect, are just effects made to startle the user, the phone’s just fine. It was designed to be worn around the wrist and to function from that position, and that’s incredible.

The Nintendo Plus Phone

Credit:Concept Phones

We all have little games on our phones, whatever style they might be, we all have them. For the more serious phone gamers out there, Nintendo came up with the design in this picture, one that was a hybrid between a smartphone and a handheld gaming console. The Nintendo Plus phone is the best of both worlds as it acts like a fully functioning cell phone and a gaming device rolled into one. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing your console and your phone. This image shows the same idea, just in a new age design. This new design is still just a concept but it might one day become reality. We sure hope so.

The Kambala Smartphone


Besides being an impossibly thin phone, the Kambala smartphone, which is pictured here, has a completely separate piece clinging to the middle. The small removable device in the center of the phone is a Bluetooth earpiece that comes off and allows the user to go hands-free in just a matter of seconds. You just have to make sure that you don’t lose the headset piece. Getting a replacement wouldn’t be as easy as just going to the store and picking up a pairable headset.

 Blackberry Empathy

Credit:Concept Phones

The Blackberry Empathy is the concept phone you see in this picture. It pairs with a ring that tracks your emotional state and well-being. The ring takes biometric measurements of things like body moisture, heart rate, blood pressure, as well as body temperature. This information is then transmitted to the phone and transferred into a sort of mood revealer to all of your phone’s contacts. If you didn’t want your ex to see you in a vulnerable emotional state, you should probably delete his contact info, before he reads all your emotional stats.

Cicret Projector Bracelet

Credit:Concept Phones

The Cicret Projector Bracelet is certainly the smartphone of the future and it is our favorite in this entire video. The device is worn just like a bracelet and as you can see, it is very lightweight and manageable. That’s not even the cool part. When you flick your wrist, the bracelet projects a smartphone screen onto the surface of your arm, just like in this picture. You then use your finger as normal, just on your arm. Then flick your wrist again to turn your phone back into a bracelet once you’re done.