6 Fun Ways To Celebrate Janmashtami With Kids At Home

Celebrate Janmashtami

Kids love pretty statues of Lord Krishna, and they are often want to know more about Janmashtami celebrations. Teaching a few interesting and amazing Janmashtami related activities for kids can help you put the cultural and festive values to them.

You might be wondering some simple and fun Janmashtami activities online. As always, Stackumbrella is here for your savior. Keep reading to know some amazing and fun janmashtami activities for your little one.

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Dress Up Like Radha Or Krishna:

Via: dnaindia.com

Dress up your kids like Radha or Krishna, is one of the cutest and best activities. For this, you’ll need Krishna or Radha’s costumes and ornaments made using flowers. This will definitely leave you and your kids with fun.

Make Peacock Crown For Krishna:

Via: Pinterest.com

For making this, you’ll need spray paint, peacock feather, glue, scissors, beads, sequins, colored paper, and cardboard. You just need to cut the cardboard into the crown’s shape and stick the colored paper on it properly. Then use the golden spray paint to paint the crown.

Decorate the Gopala’s crown with sequins, beads, and peacock feathers with the help of glue.

Decorate Curd Pot:

Via: Youtube.com

For making Dahi handi, you’ll need a paintbrush, glue, peacock feather, earthen pot, and watercolors. All you need to do is to paint the pot with different watercolours using a brush. Then paste the peacock feather around the pot with the help of glue.

Make A Footstep Rangoli:

Via: Youtube.com

For making this beautiful art, you’ll need a bowl, water, and rice flour. After collecting all the items, you first have to mix some rice flour and water in a bowl. Then help your kid to make a simple rangoli design in front of the door of your house. Now add footsteps of little Krishna to the rangoli.

Decorate A Flute:

Via: youtube.com

Krishna’s look is incomplete without a bansuri. So, for this, you have to get a plain flute and decorate it using Shiny Washy tap, gift wrappers, embellishments, golden/silver ribbons, and so on.

Create A Krishna Jhula:

Via: crazzycrafts.com

An idol of little Krishna is kept in a swing decorated with clothes, soft pillows, and flowers, and women sing to him, pray to him, offer butter to him on this day. You can create and decorate one at home.

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These were the cute and fun ways to celebrate Janmashtami with kids at home. So, this Janmashtami do these activities with kids and enjoy it!

Happy Janmashtami in advance!