5 Trending Dating Terms To Add In Your Love Dictionary

Love has its language, and these 2020 dating trends prove that love language has got more modern. The new love terms give a sign in a relationship for being ignored, played, or avoided. So, with the new love phrases, get ready to start your dating journey. Here are five popular dating trends and their meaning.

Popular Dating Terms In 2020


dial toning

Ghosting and dial-toning seem a bit similar, but dial toning happens even before the relationship begins. In ghosting, you two have some textual contact. Dial toning is when you offer your phone number to your crush, or they do the same, but you never reply to them when they reach out for you.

Around 60 percent of singles do this or have experienced dial-toning.

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cause playing

Opposite to dial-toning, your date or partner cause-played you even when the relationship has come to an end. They usually do it for a favor, which could be like sending likes on their social media page to get famous or anything else.

In short, they still want to use them after being separated. Almost 61 percent of people are being cause-played by their past lovers. This isn’t harmless, but don’t let your ex cause-play you for their benefit.


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Did your date canceled a plan or rescheduled it at the last moment? You were ready in the new dress, winged eyeliner, curled hair, and looking gorgeous, but hearing about canceling of date annoys. It’s even painful, especially when you have been waiting for the date for a long time.

If it happens with you, then your partner has glamboozled you. According to “Plenty Of Fish” ( a popular dating app), 58 percent singles experience glamboozling.

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White Clawing

white clawing

White clawing is when you are with someone attractive but annoying. At first, you find them attractive because of their looks and personality. But later on, as you get to know more of them, you figure out that they were not as interesting as you thought. This is a common sign in a relationship that 27 percent of people experience but choose to stay with them. Don’t get stuck with somebody who looks pretty but has no spark to continue the relationship longer.



An exciting dating trend of 2020 is kanye’d, a term coined after Kanye West. When you are dating someone who only talks about himself, then you got Kanye’d. Nobody likes such a person who spoils an evening like this; it’s pretty boring and useless.

It also shows that they are not even interested in knowing about you. Such a one-sided conversation kills a date ultimately.

Although there are more exciting dating trends, these terms are more popular. These are often being used for somebody who is not ready to be in a relationship.

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