5 times Bigg boss contestants pees in their pants

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    The controversy over TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss-11‘ Punish Sharma recently pees in front of everyone

    in the show. In fact, a task was kept in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ for captaincy, in which Punish pees in front of everyone. Well, this is not the first time that a Contestant has done this. Even before that many have been pee in ‘Bigg Boss‘.

    Priyanka Jagga:

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    Priyanka Jagga, who has joined as a common contender in ‘Bigg Boss‘, has also peed the show. During a show, 4 constants Gaurav Chopra, VJ Bani, Naveen Prakash and Priyanka Jagga were to drink continuously on a horse while sitting on horseback. Bani and Navin pee out of Task in the beginning and Gaurav-Priyanka was close to winning. In the meantime, Priyanka did not stop herself and pee herself in the clothes. After some time, Gaurav runs to the toilet ad Priyanka won the game.

    Kishwar merchant:


    Kishwar merchant also pees in the Bigg Boss season 9 during performing the task. The task was to wait in a parking side with a car for the longest time.

    Priya Malik:


    To win the final ticket in Bigg Boss 9 Priya Malik also pees in the bottle.

    Swami Om:

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    No doubt swami om was the most controversial contestant on Bigg Boss season 9. Swami has sad various absurd statements regarding Salman Khan and also said various bad things to stay in highlights. Not only this at one task he pees in front of everyone one and throws it to other contestants also. After this incident, he got fired from the show.

    Rishabh Sinha:

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    Rishabh Sinha was the runner up of Bigg Boss season 9 and he had also seen doing publicly toilet. He was given a task to take care of all the money. So during the game he sued two times in his pants.