5 Things We Forgot to Google

1. Why Do Donuts have a hole in the middle?

Donuts have a hole in the middle and interestingly, it is not designed for an easier grip or a different shape. Although, it can be quite convenient. It is actually shaped in such a manner for mass baking so that they cook all the way through evenly.

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2. Public toilets have a large gap between the floor and door

Almost any public toilet has a large gap between the floor and the door. The reason for such a zero privacy thing is to actually minimize the level of privacy and comfort so that people wouldn’t stay there long and there would be no lines outside the washroom. It is also easier to clean and safer if some emergency occurs.

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3. Cups and mugs have little grooves on the bottom

Many cups and mugs have little grooves on the bottom on purpose. They are designed for dishwashing machines. The grooves let the water flow and not spill over an individual’s feet when they take the cup out. Also, those grooves let the airflow, and the cup doesn’t crack even if the tea is scalding.

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4. Doorknobs are usually made of brass, bronze, and some other Copper

Doorknobs are usually made of brass, bronze, and some other copper alloys because they have an antibacterial effect, thus, they stop microbes from spreading. They get rid of a range of harmful germs pretty fast within a couple of hours.

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5. Why does the Escalator has brushes on its sides?

There is a common misconception that Escalator brushes are meant for keeping the users’ shoes clean or polished. But in reality, it is for people’s safety. Brushes don’t let the individuals come close to the edge, hence it prevents the long coat or bootcut jeans to come between the steps.

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Isn’t it interesting that you had no idea about these facts before reading the article?

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